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Programs for which we have SymIndia Certified Trainers:
1.  Client Engagement Skills
2.  Presentation Skills
3.  PACE (Presentation and      Assertiveness for Communication      Effectiveness)
4.  Assertiveness
5.  Time Management
6.  Team Building
7.  MILT (More in Less Time - on      Productivity)
8.  Personal Effectiveness
9.  Interviewing Skills
10. Cross Cultural Sensitization
11. SPM (Software Project       Management)
12. Transition Programs ( from one      role to another, for different levels)
13. .NET 1.1 & 2.0
15. COM using ATL
SymIndia is on the lookout for:
i) Experienced Trainers (Technology - Microsoft platforms, and OD)
ii) Enthusiastic Sales-people, and
iii) Energetic Admin. and Accounts-persons
Interested? Send in your CVs to
Welcome to our Newsletter! (Even as we reach out globally, we evince an intrinsic pride in our Indian identity and display a true spirit of National Integration - a meld of English and Hindi in this name!)

This Award is Microsoft’s way of saying thank you and to honor and support the significant contributions made by a person to the software communities worldwide. Arun’s extraordinary efforts in Windows Server - Windows SharePoint Portal Services technical communities during the past year earned him the appreciation of Microsoft and this Award followed.

Arun is the second MVP at SymIndia, after Meena K, our Technical Director.


Babitha Rajesh and Bindu K Reddy, driven by their passion for learning and sharing knowledge, have joined us in the Soft-skills stream.

Babitha has been in the knowledge-sharing domain for over four years, the last position she held being that of Principal in a leading school in Bangalore. She holds a Masters in Child Care and is a qualified Interior Designer and Landscape Architect.

Bindu was a Senior Counselor and Trainer in an Export Company. Armed with Masters in Counseling and HRM, she represented Bangalore Corporate where the company’s strength exceeded 18000 employees, answered the counseling needs of employees, served as facilitator for soft-skill training programmes for them, and also organized seminars and workshops.

Keys to a Positive Attitude
  - By Nancy Friedman

Why do some people have such a great attitude and others a negative one? Well, we wondered the same thing and through our research we found seven keys that those with a positive mental attitude all share. How do you rate?

Choose Your Attitude in Advance : When you wake up, you have a choice. You can be in a good mood or a bad mood. You also choose your attitude. You can wake up and mutter to yourself, “This is gonna be a cruddy day,” or you can tell yourself, “This is gonna be a great day!” This choice is the start of a great attitude.
Visualize Success : Runners in the Boston Marathon picture themselves crossing the finish line. Picture yourself having a successful day. Self-visualization is a key factor in having a positive mental attitude. Will it work 100% of the time? I wish it would. However, by visualizing your success, you’ll be able to have a better handle on what does happen, and having a better chance of making it happen.
Demonstrate Humor, Energy, and Enthusiasm : We call these three items the magic ingredients. Without them, creating a positive mental attitude will be difficult. There is normally humor in every situation. Finding it is key. Sometimes you’ll need to stretch and dig a little deeper to find the humor in a situation. But once you do, you’ll feel so much better. Energy is important because without some energy in your attitude, you’ll be dragging behind everyone. Energy is closely related to the third ingredient, enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious; let’s start an epidemic!
Resist Negative Influences : It’s a fact. When we have a negative experience with a company, we’ll tell more people about it than if we have a good experience with the same company. Many times, when you hear that someplace wasn’t very good, you’ll believe the person who told you and choose not to do business with that company. However, you may only be hearing half the story. Check things out for yourself. Especially if the negativity involves a person you work with or know. We’ve all heard negative things about someone we didn’t know and then when we had the opportunity to meet them ourselves, we find that they’re not as bad as someone had alluded to. In fact they might be nice, but you need to be the judge. Take negativity out of your life. Steer clear of those who drag you down and say negative things. Being around other positive people is a good start.
Be a Whatever-it- Takes Person : This means, be a problem solver. Life is going to put obstacles in front of all of us. How we go around those obstacles is key. There’s normally a good answer to every problem put in front of us. Dale Carnegie said it best. Ask yourself, “What is the worst thing that can happen here?” Then move up from that.
Embrace Change; Expect it and Accept it : Some people are very good at handling change and some resist it. The major key to handling change is to accept it; deal with it. In most cases there’s little we can do to stop it anyway.
Be Grateful for What You Have : Many people have so much and yet those same people are often the ones that constantly complain. Why wait for some life-altering experience to be grateful? Be grateful, now.
These are the seven keys to having a positive mental attitude. Put them into practice and you will be amazed at the difference they can make.
SYMQuote: I feel like a droplet of spray which proudly poised for a moment on the crest of a wave, undertakes to analyze the sea.
  - Will Durant

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