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Programs for which we have SymIndia Certified Trainers:
1.  Client Engagement Skills
2.  Presentation Skills
3.  PACE (Presentation and      Assertiveness for Communication      Effectiveness)
4.  Assertiveness
5.  Time Management
6.  Team Building
7.  MILT (More in Less Time - on      Productivity)
8.  Personal Effectiveness
9.  Interviewing Skills
10. Cross Cultural Sensitization
11. SPM (Software Project       Management)
12. Transition Programs ( from one      role to another, for different levels)
13. .NET 1.1 & 2.0
15. COM using ATL
SymIndia is on the lookout for:
i) Experienced Trainers (Technology - Microsoft platforms, and OD)
ii) Enthusiastic Sales-people, and
iii) Energetic Admin. and Accounts-persons
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Welcome to our Newsletter!

The year 2010 has been a happening year, a turnaround year across companies across industries. Many organizations have been refocusing on their training needs, and as ever, whenever they have thought of training, many of them thought of SymIndia.

The start of 2011 saw us continuing to engage more with our clients on long-term initiatives, as a partner in their Sustained Growth in the Training and Consulting space.

Microsoft TechEd 2011 and SymIndia

SymIndia has been contributing to TechEd since over a decade; in both Technology and Management domains with consistent excellent feedback. This year too, Microsoft has invited Meena and Ranga to deliver sessions in TechEd 2011. Since 2009, Ranga has been delivering all the sessions in an exclusive Management track.

When TechEd 2011 rolls out on March 23rd at Bangalore, Meena will be delivering three sessions under the Technical Track:

1. Architect Track: Using AppFabric Connect in Lob Scenarios

2. Web Track: Windows Server AppFabric—Application Infrastructure for On-premise Services

3. SharePoint Track: Integrating LOB Applications with SharePoint 2010

Ranga will be delivering all five sessions under the Management Track under the theme, “Sustained Growth”—session-wise topics being:

1. Demystifying Growth and Real Choices

2. Career/Life—Growth Planning

3. The Top 5 Enablers for Sustained Growth

4. Self-leadership

5. Open Session (to address concerns and to close the gaps that could have arisen)

“We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon”.
~Konrad Adenauer

Training Projects

New Offerings


. Capgemini

Eight years ago, a participant had attended one of our programmes. Not only did he remember those inputs but also as he progressed in his career and moved into Capgemini in a key leadership role, he initiated our relationship with Capgemini.

We strongly believe that any change that needs to happen has to happen with the Leadership Team. Subsequent to a meeting with the Leadership Team of one of the Services and Solutions Group, SymIndia delivered a one-day program on Transformational Leadership…

The success of this program led to two different opportunities within Capgemini for the next level of leaders—opportunities that span over 6 – 8 days across different phases. This has triggered off an ongoing series of programmes for Capgemini.

. NDS Level-specific Training Programs

SymIndia has been partnering with NDS in the last decade in delivering programs on OOAD UML and Design Patterns. These training programs have equipped developers and designers to analyze using UML and perform design using Design Patterns. The programs have received excellent feedback consistently and have helped forge a strong alliance between SymIndia and NDS.

As part of their growth plans, a key initiative was defined by NDS to customize the training programs to suit specific profiles and roles. Also, Refactoring was introduced as a new topic, so as to enhance the code quality. Accordingly, SymIndia designed two programs. The Level I program focused on introducing UML, Design patterns and writing clean code using Refactoring techniques. This program also has specialized customization for “C” developers. The Level 2 focused on in-depth analysis and application of GOF patterns and refactoring existing code to implement the same.

So far, SymIndia has delivered ten offerings of Level I and II programs during the period August-December 2010. New offerings are being planned for the year 2011 as well. The programs have been received very well and this has given SymIndia yet another opportunity to engage with NDS in a deeper and mutually enriching manner.

. Unisys

We started our engagement in 2010 with the training initiatives for the Leadership Team and Middle Management team… The success of the initiatives has led to a long-term partnership with multiple training initiatives and OD Consulting assignments, across different verticals at Unisys—like leadership workshops, mentoring and coaching leadership team members, key sessions for all employees in one go, etc.

. MphasiS

Skill Enhancement Programs (SEP) as a package, was targeted for people across different levels. The objective of this initiative was to enable the smooth transition of individuals from one role to the next, thru certain competencies/behaviors. When we had first launched this program exclusively for MphasiS, we had delivered it for only a few roles. But the success and effectiveness of these programs saw us design and deliver this for many more roles and to a wider audience in subsequent years…there were two modules in every SEP for every level—Project Management and Soft Skills—except in the highest level where the entire focus was on Soft Skills.

This was an initiative that had to be delivered across different locations, each for a different duration and by multiple faculty members.

. HP

This Key Growth Initiative with HP GCCB titled ‘Orchestrating Results Together’ (ORT) has been yet another opportunity that has materialized through a participant who had attended our programme elsewhere in 2005, having later on moved in to HP and into a key role. This 1.5 day outbound on Team Work has been designed to cover 350+ people at GCCB… 12 batches have already been completed, receiving an excellent feedback each time…and there are a few more batches to be delivered…

. Schneider Electric

We have been partnering with Schneider Electric on the Technology Space since the last 5 years now. We were delighted to get the opportunity to work with Schneider Electric on the OD Consulting Space with a focus on a long-term engagement. The first step in this engagement was a session on Thought Patterns and we are in a discussion with them on the journey ahead.

. Keane International

A competency that seems to be the most precious and sought after, in today’s context is ‘Influencing Skills’—‘Influencing’ in the pristine pure sense of the word. Given the context of competition in every sphere of life, it is not enough just to have the competence edge—it is critical to be able to influence people to even view the edge that is on offer to them. SymIndia delivered a three-day outbound initiative on ‘The Art and Science of Influencing’ for people at the Leadership level in the Sales Function of Keane International working across locations.

. Ericsson

Our contribution thru ISB, Hyderabad, in the Global Leadership Programmes for the last few years opened up this opportunity with Ericsson. They reached out to us to conduct a seminar on Leadership for the Senior Management personnel from various centers. This was done as an offsite in Goa.

Existing Offerings

Ongoing Programmes

Ongoing programmes since many years include, Client Engagement Skills for Infosys BPO - Senior Management, High Impact Communication for Infosys BPO - Senior Management, Effective Customer/Requirements Management for Ramco Systems-Middle Management/Domain Specialists, Seven Habits, and Leadership Programmes for ING Vysya-Middle Management and Senior Management), Leadership Programme for KPIT Cummins, SAP Labs…

Seminar on Thought Patterns

We think, so we act… Every one of actions are triggered by our thoughts and when we go back in time and analyze our thoughts across different situations, we find that there is a pattern in them… This session talks about the thought patterns that when demonstrated, opens up HUGE opportunities…

Given that everyone in an organization is a window to the external world and the right thought pattern opens windows and doors of opportunities, we deliver a 4-hour session on thought patterns to the entire organization, at one go—the audience are people across different roles and different levels… We deliver this session to an audience of about 300+. And the feedback from these sessions has been excellent… We have delivered this session to Sharp, Unisys and Schneider Electric.

OD Consulting Assignments

. Analysis of 360Degree Feedback for the Leadership Team

The 360Degree Feedback was administered by the clients themselves, as a global process… SymIndia was given the opportunity to partner with the client on the journey ahead—to analyze the raw data and to coach and mentor the Leadership Team aligning with the Organizational/Individual Goals and their Growth Path as envisioned by the client…

. Analysis of an Employee Survey of a Vertical

As a part of their global process, one of the verticals of our client, administered their employee survey and decided to partner with us, to enable them to reach a transformational plane of engagement with their employees… We have initiated our engagement with them in the OD consulting space, with our observations based on the analysis done by us, with a road map on their journey ahead towards the goal of transforming the climate… This then brought in the clarity to plan the road ahead for and with the client organizations.

We are indeed grateful to all our clients for engaging with us in this challenging space. We commit to deliver to our best under all circumstances as we have done before.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
~ Confucius

Cartoon Corner

Taking Things Forward…

Disconcerting news everyday, from everywhere…

Scams, exposes, corruption, involving mind-boggling numbers, hitherto impeccable personalities…

Role models tumbling, institutions crumbling…

Our senses inured by the indifference and the impunity displayed by the perpetrators…

Have things gone beyond redemption? Is there nothing we can do?

Says who?

We can make things better.

Each of us. Collectively. As individuals and as corporates.

We, the educated workforce, can make our potent presence felt by not succumbing to this pandemic scourge that is afflicting our wonderful world.

By NOT compromising on our values. And by bringing Ethics back to the pedestal… where it rightfully belongs.

The following timeless piece can be the oath that each one of could take…

It is applicable to all roles and professions…

Faith of an Engineer

Author - Unknown

I AM AN ENGINEER, in my profession I take deep pride, but without vainglory; to it I owe solemn obligations that I am eager to fulfill.

As an Engineer, I will participate in none but honest enterprise. To him, that has engaged my services, as employer or client; I will give the utmost of performance and fidelity.

When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the services of humanity; and I accept the challenge that his implies.

Zealous of the high repute of my calling, I will strive to protect the interests and the good name of any engineer that I know to be deserving; but I will not shirk should duty dictate, fro disclosing the truth regarding anyone that, by unscrupulous act, has shown himself unworthy of profession.

Since the Age of Stone, human progress has been conditioned by genius of my professional forebears. By them have been rendered (usable to mankind) nature’s vast resources of material and energy. By them have been vitalized and turned to practical account the principles of science and the revelations of technology. Except for this heritage of accumulated experience, my efforts would be feeble. I dedicate myself to the dissemination of engineering knowledge, and especially to the instruction of younger members of my profession in all its arts and traditions.

To my fellows I pledge, in the same full measure I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, and devotion to the standards and dignity of our profession; with consciousness, always, that our special expertise carries with it the obligation to serve humanity with complete sincerity.

Our ability to increase productivity and at the same time cut down inefficiencies and costs and this is an engineering problem. But technology is not all; engineers also play important roles in management and policy making. As one authority has written:

“A substantial share of responsibility for the management of American industry has habitually been given to he engineers, and this share has been increasingly marked during the last half century. It is no longer sufficient for an engineer to be just technically competent; he must be prepared also to make decisions on matters of business policy based on all the manifold factors involved in the conduct of modern industry…. Here is a challenge to the engineer. You have a vital role in the operation of our national economy, both as technical and as administrators.”

The engineer stands ready to meet this challenge today and in the years to come, confident in his faith in India’s future and in the ability of his profession to meet whatever needs that future may demand.

[This piece was presumably written in early 1950s… But its relevance across the decades, and across roles/professions, remains!]

It is not the function of government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.
~Justice Robert Jackson

Ranga as a Columnist

Ranga has been invited to be a columnist to write about “WELLNESS” particularly focusing on Corporates. The invite has come from the Editorial Board of ASHVARTTHA, a magazine focused on Wellness, initiated by Sri Sri Ravishankar of The Art of Living. Three issues have already been published. ASHVARTTHA is meant for private circulation to select audience across many countries.
If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
~Thomas Edison

At SymIndia, our Core Belief is: “You Cannot Teach Anyone Anything…You Can Only Help One Discover it Oneself”.

We continue in our commitment to be “Your Partner in Sustained Growth”.

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