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Message from Ranga and Meena


We wish to share our joy on a happy development at SymIndia.

Due to the unprecedented global slowdown, the rest of the training industry has certainly taken a huge beating with several companies slashing their training budgets to the bone and shifting their sights on to e-learning / virtual sessions / webinars etc. Several established training organizations have closed shop. But our valued clients have reposed great faith and confidence in the efficacy of our training programs. SymIndia continues to be invited to deliver training workshops, as effectively and successfully as ever, ensuring an enhanced value-add. Even as we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our esteemed clientele, we realize the awesome magnitude of this responsibility resting on our shoulders.

Many situations in the market have changed for good and it does call for a complete relook at the Mission/Strategy itself. At this critical stage of SymIndia’s journey we wish to bring in fresh air and renewed energy into the company to guide the ship further forward—in terms of new members on Board, in terms of new business domains (related to Training and Consultancy) to name a few. We are indeed greatly proud to elevate Ms. Malathy Krishnan and Ms. Gayathri Kumar to SymIndia Board as Directors.

Ms. Malathy Krishnan joined SymIndia 1997 as a Trainee in the Management Training space without any prior experience. She has donned several roles quite creditably since then. Now, she has a unique name for herself as a high-end Management Trainer, having closely worked with many of our key clients on their key initiatives.

Ms. Gayathri Kumar joined SymIndia in 2004 in the Technology Training space with 6 years of prior experience as a Technical Trainer. She leaves an indelible mark with every client she works with. She specializes in Microsoft Technologies. A year ago, she took on the enhanced role of training corporate professionals in Project Management related topics too, with resounding success.

Both Malathy and Gayathri have demonstrated phenomenal commitment to the Training domain and to SymIndia—many times, going far beyond their call of duty. Both of them richly deserve the elevation.

We do intend bring in a few more people on board, as Advisors, to support them as appropriate. Both Meena and I have planned to focus more on strategic planning and on developing the vitally required e-learning capsules for the market through SymIndia. We both will continue to be in the field actively, in terms of designing and conducting high-end programs, just as before.

All of you have been our great well-wishers, in addition to donning the direct roles that some of you hold at SymIndia, and we are certainly delighted to share the above with you. Please join us in wishing good luck to Malathy and Gayathri.


Ranga and Meena .

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