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Programs for which we have SymIndia Certified Trainers:
1.  Client Engagement Skills
2.  Presentation Skills
3.  PACE (Presentation and      Assertiveness for Communication      Effectiveness)
4.  Assertiveness
5.  Time Management
6.  Team Building
7.  MILT (More in Less Time - on      Productivity)
8.  Personal Effectiveness
9.  Interviewing Skills
10. Cross Cultural Sensitization
11. SPM (Software Project       Management)
12. Transition Programs ( from one      role to another, for different levels)
13. .NET 1.1 & 2.0
15. COM using ATL
SymIndia is on the lookout for:
i) Experienced Trainers (Technology - Microsoft platforms, and OD)
ii) Enthusiastic Sales-people, and
iii) Energetic Admin. and Accounts-persons
Interested? Send in your CVs to
Effective Requirement Management – NDS Ltd. - India

“I found the training extremely insightful and valuable. A lot of the things that you talked about were very powerful and made quite a huge
impact on me.”
Personal Effectiveness (7 Habits) - ING Vysya Bank  
“The training program was very good and I strongly recommend to my colleagues.”
Skill Enhancement Programs (customized to enable participants to scale up to higher roles and responsibilities) - MphasiS – an EDS Company
The trainer's all-round knowledge and experience was the driving force. It didn't feel like a training but more of an exchange program. Has sincerely given me lot to work on in the coming days.  

“Excellent training. Must be made more frequently. The case studies were very good. Sometimes, the games that were played were not taken seriously by me but when the analysis was happening, it struck that I should have been more serious. Looking forward to applying the skills and enhance myself. Keep up the good work.”
PM Curriculum – Project Management – SAP Labs India Private Ltd

“ Trainer is very good. Excellent way of handling the subject.”

Skill Enhancement Programs (customized to enable participants to scale up to higher roles and responsibilities) - MphasiS – an EDS Company

“... As always, the feedback is very good, and the program’s popularity is slowly catching up in the organization...”

Power of Convergence - Valtech India

“A powerful leadership program…. It is rare to do a course with a masterly person… learning the lessons through mentorship of the Master… I would like to hear him again and recommend the complete program for the senior members of my team”

“It is a fantastic program to learn and understand the leadership dimensions and behaviours through powerful audio-visual medium depicting scenarios where in leadership celebrates.”

“The training gave us an opportunity to discover our hidden potentials. Also it gave us lot of confidence to climb up the ladder and to go beyond our limits of course with necessary caution.”

“Very effective course. The trainer’s ability to conduct the course is commendable….”

 “Had good time "Self Realizing" about my abilities and what needs to be improved, going forward.”

Time Management - Adobe Systems India P Ltd

“Many aspects that we know and understand but are not applied in real time were covered with the help of good real life scenarios and made us understand the benefits of applying them.”

“Amazing Workshop.”


Make a Great Impact – Presentation Skills – Adobe Systems India P Ltd

“This program is extremely useful for success at the professional level.”

“Good understanding of what I do right and wrong in my presentations. Thinking structure when preparing and presenting.”

Effective Communication Skills - Infosys BPO
"...let me thank you for such a brilliant session on communication skills. ... it was one of the best workshops I have attended of the laundry list of workshops I have attended so far in my career. On top of that these small articles with deep knowledge really makes me feel very happy and thankful.
I wanted to share something with you. Before I had attended your session I have always felt that I am really good on communication skills and there's really not much for me to learn in this area. Needless to mention the very thought that I felt like this makes me feel embarrassed.

I really want to thank you for everything."

Make A Great Impact - Presentation Skills - Adobe Systems India P Ltd.
"The content of the workshop was excellent and a very good investment of my time. The presenter was outstanding and chose all the right examples and use-cases throughout the workshop..."

"Very nice package. Covered aptly in two days. "

"Make A Great Impact was a thoroughly engrossing workshop."

"It is been a great training experience of being part of such a practical training. It has made a great impact on the way a presentation is required to be delivered and has also pointed out areas where I personally need improvement."

Effective Requirements Management - Ramco Systems Ltd.
"Thanks a lot for the training. It was really a wonderful experience. I am so happy that I got a chance to be a part of your training program. It will really help me to grow professionally as well as personally. Wishing for a life long relationship with SymIndia."
Leadership Offsite - ING Vysya Bank
"My experience on two days of Training was tremendous & cannot be described in 2 or 3 sentences."

"Undoubtedly it is a revelation / rechristening of skills of the participants as long as they are moving up the ladder. Well received by all of us."

"Inputs given to us will enable us to sharpen our Managerial Skills. Communication of Expectations among the Team Members will definitely bring in the positive contribution by all the Team Members."
PRIDE (Team Building) - Microsoft GTSC

"Thanks a lot for the training. It was really a wonderful experience. I am so happy that I got a chance to be a part of your training program. It will really help me to grow professionally as well as personally. Wishing for a life long relationship with SymIndia."

“ This event was really good and helpful for us and we enjoyed it a lot. These type of events should be mandatory for all employees.”


“Overall, the program was great—be it the trainers, the activities, and, last but not least, the learning experience through enjoyment.”

“Good time to really get to know the team members. Not only lots of fun, but each game has learnings in itself.”

“It was a good experience and had lot of fun and learnings which can be used in day-to-day activities. It is easy to correlate all the policies.”

Chrysalis ’07 - KPIT - Cummins Infosystems Ltd.
“Everybody has unique characteristics that he may never know, or some of their negative points could be killing good ones. This type of programmes help that part to come out and helps me realize where I need to improve.”

“This workshop provided us with lots of learning which came from the experience of the Faculty members. The way of teaching is excellent—learning through playing is the most effective way of teaching real-life examples.

“A very practical and effective programme for people entering the I T industry. Leads to increased level of confidence, enhanced communication skills and self-belief. The coordinators were very helpful and skilful and very nice human beings always trying to give individual help.”

“This has brought out those skills which we were unaware that we possessed. This will definitely be beneficial for our professional life.”

Cross Cultural Sensitization - WIPRO
“Very powerful examples and analogies used effectively to drive home relevant messages.”

“The facilitator is excellent in concepts and examples, energy and sincerity”.

Effective Customer Engagement - Viteos Capital Market Services

“Aligned the subject and points with real-time good examples.”

Oral Communication Skills - SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd.
“As a whole the programme was very good. It was lively. Learnings were brought out in right time. Moreover, learning was fun.”

“The facilitators were sincere and professional in their work. They were approachable in person also for personal queries which is very good.”

“The Course Objective, Content and Presentation were excellent and precisely meeting my expectations.”

Presentation Skills – Adobe Software India Private Ltd.
“The rapport built by the trainers was very good and ensured that all of the participants participated actively.”

“The training was extremely helpful in realizing where I stand and what I could do to improve it. The way it was handled is really good.”
“I think the course was designed very well and all the Faculty members of SymIndia did a fantastic job.”

“I like the use of practical and real-world approach rather than theory and that’s why I enjoyed a lot. I think most people were enjoying the sessions.”

Get Set Go - British Telecom
“Please carry on the good work. You are doing a service to people who really have a dream.”

“Inclusion of examples and real stories was relevant.”

“Great time playing games and learning. Will definitely work out for me in my future endeavors.”

Lateral Induction Training - KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.
“The Programme that we had was really outstanding. As from this I learnt so many things and replaced a few of my concepts that were wrong.”

“ The workshop was very helpful and encouraging. Each and every objective of the content was understood well and perfectly. The time management was also well-managed.”

“I am really thankful to KPIT Cummins and SymIndia who provided us such a wonderful training…I believe that these 6 days will make a big difference in my life. Today I have confidence that I can and I will do everything differently.”

“Different games and role-plays helped me to understand the real situations that can arise and also how to handle them…Each and every example was related to real situations that can take place in an organization.”

“As every one of us are very good in our technical skills, the main thing that we could not do was to put this knowledge to use in an effective way.”

“The Lateral Induction Training was very informative and helpful. Everything from contents to explanation of topics was elaborate. This was made a lively experience by excellent work by the trainer.”

DS Core - Microsoft GTSC
“Provided sufficient examples and hands on exercises to get familiar with all the concepts. It was a tough job to complete the course in such a short time but the instructor did extremely well.”

“The instructor gave lot of practical examples and her teaching methodology is good.”

“Instructor patiently listened to all the queries and gave proper explanations.”

Bootstrap ’06 - Phase 2 - (Technical Concepts - Foundation Block) - Symphony Services
“The workshop was really very good. I came to know more about the concepts which were discussed.”

“The training was really knowledgeable and cherishable. The examples quoted were really useful to make note of and to have a good understanding of programming.”

“The sessions were really good. I have learned more than what I had learnt before. Explaining the context with examples is really good.”

“Classes are very interesting and very useful with case-studies and lab sessions.”

Bootstrap ’06 - Phase 4 - (Technical Concepts) - Symphony Services
“I feel happy that in spite of being a non-IT guy, I learnt so much of IT concepts, that too, within this short time. This credit goes to you.”

“Learned a lot. Enjoyed a lot. Handling queries and clarifying these was very good. Good interactions.”

“Excellent session with extensive learning with real-time examples.

.Net using C#
“The course helped clarify several areas that I was aware of, but didn’t know. Overall, the course improved my low level understanding.”

“The course content, and the ability of the faculty to explain the concepts were well and good.”

“Excellent training programme, got to know the concepts of .NET architecture.”

C Foundation Training - Manhattan Associates
“C tricks, 2 - 3 dimensions usage of arrays was excellent, practice exercises was good.”

“… It’s a good base on which things can be build.”

“Got In-depth knowledge in pointers. Got good idea allocation of memory to the pointers. Learnt the presentation skills.”

Chrysalis ’06 - ASP.NET - KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd.
“We understood the basics, and needs to practice them. As we implement them, it became clearer. Clearly understood the difference in C++, Java and C# code.”
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